Mehwish Hayat

(28th July – Web Desk) Mehwish Hayat is not someone who backs down easily and trolling is not something new for her. She has been trolled for her ‘billie’ song, later her Tamgha e Imtiaz and now it is about her picture.

On 24th July, Mehwish Hayat shared her picture on twitter with a caption, “woke up like this” – The picture showed Mehwish with perfect hair, red lipstick, on her bed with a mug in her hand and a watch besides her.

Mehwish Hayat’s Tweet

Clearly missing the pun, Pakistani twitter users started going crazy over her tweet posting all sorts of comments. One guy tweeted her picture showing tea stains on the pillow.

Aleena Farooq Sheikh wanted to know if she takes her makeup off before going to bed while Ayesha Khanzada advised her not to sleep with full makeup on as it is not good for the skin. 

Another twitter user was not happy with Mehwish having 4233 likes for her picture and critizied her for waking up with hair done, eyes cleaned, face washed and full makeup done, Mehwish took a jibe at him telling him he got 84 likes for this rant against her on twitter.

Another user had an issue with the watch on the bed and claimed its a Man’s watch on the bed and asked her who’s watch is it?

Well, Mehwish Hayat is having none of this, today she tweeted another picture probably taken during the same shoot, in her tweet she said, “I’m so glad there was one photo where my Casio watch is clearly visible,the chai stained pillow isn’t there,my legs can be seen & my neck is a little low (as requested) This ones for all the sick minded. You know who you are & I’m sure you’ll still find something wrong here also!”

Most of the people missed the pun in Mehwish Hayat tweet and had commented on the watch, one person wanted her to wear a “deeper neck” while missing the pun in her earlier tweet, most of the people were thinking she actually meant she woke up like this.


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