Are you watching Indian Matchmaking on Netflix?


Indian Matchmaking has taken the internet by storm, it has trended on social media for over three days now with people talking about the show, sharing memes, being unhappy about the show or relating it to one of their situations.

The show features a matchmaker Sima who is out there finding matches for girls and guys. The lady is a highly demanded matchmaker and travels to United States to find matches for Indians there as well.

The direction seems somewhat sloppy but the situations discussed in the show might get you hooked to it and pull you into thinking if it is you in the situation right now.

It features a girl in the US who is Indian but from Guyana and shows her struggle with her identity and looking for a match. She is of Indian decent but Indians consider her a Guyanese, Americans consider her an Indian, so the situation for bubbly Nadia is tough.

Then there is Aparna who seems to have no idea what she wants, has been a lawyer for 10 years but is not liking being a laywer and has travelled to 40 countries, finding a match for snobbish Aparna could be a real task for Sima.

The situations shown in this reality show are so close to what South Asians go through may it be a boy or a girl. The show later on features an Indian boy who is being pressured into a match by his bossy mother who wouldn’t let anyone else but her speak and tells it clearly to her husband that her order is final, seems Familiar?

Pretty sure people in Pakistan can spot their phuppie, chachi, mami or other aunties and uncles in this show which might get you hooked to it as to what happens to Nadia or Aparna, will Sima get the job done?

Guess you will have to binge watch it to find out!