BBQ Sandwich (Image - The Syrian Guys Facebook Page)

Shawarma as a food item has gotten quiet popular around the globe and these days a Syrian refugee is making headlines in Islamabad for selling authentic Arabic shawarma.

The refugee has setup a stall in F10 Markaz and as soon as the word got out for authentic shawarma people just swarmed in. According to people who went there to have a taste of this Syrian Shawarma, the waiting time is around 3 hours for you to get your order and they manage to run out every single night.

According to the owner, he started the stall 5 months back, says I dont know how shawarma is made in Pakistan but this one takes a lot of hard work. He says he makes everything from scratch. The meat is marinated for 24 hours with spices to give it an authentic taste. Pita bread is not used in this shawarma and the owner makes Tortillas himself from scratch at home and claims you will not find this flat bread in entire Pakistan. The entire shawarma is then grilled to give it a smokey BBQ taste which people have started to love.

The sale for now on weekend is 150 shawarma per day and is increasing day by day.

According to their Facebook page, the stall is in F10, behind D.Watson.


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