Secretary General of Pakistan Muslim League (N) Ahsan Iqbal has written a letter to Election Commission of Pakistan asking them to hold hearings of PTI Foreign Funding Case on a daily basis. 


In the letter, Ahsan Iqbal has urged election commission to focus on PTI foreign funding case the petition for which was filed on 14th November 2014 and is yet to be decided. The letter also mentions undeclared accounts of PTI, two LLC companies registered in USA and 3 million dollars collected via these companies, personal accounts of PTI employees being used to launder money, using hundi as a means to transfer funds, two undeclared accounts in United Kingdom, proofs of money transferred from Denmark, Saudia Arabia and other countries for which proofs have been presented in Election Commission by PMLN.

The letter also goes on to mention that State Bank of Pakistan provided list of bank accounts being used by PTI and 23 bank accounts came to surface which were undeclared as per media reports.

PMLN has demanded via the letter that ECP should hold daily hearings for this important case which is going on for the past five years. PMLN has also demanded that all details of USA, UK, Saudia, Denmark funding along with the undeclared bank accounts should be made public so people should know about this foreign funding.

Information Secretary of the Party, Maryam Aurangzeb in her statement has also urged ECP to make sure they hold daily hearings for the case and make all details of foreign funding public.

PMLN demands action by Election Commission in PTI Foreign Funding case



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