Imran Khan’s chief of staff Dr. Shahbaz Gill today made a shocking revelation that he was given electric shocks on his private parts during police custody. After the hearing in Islamabad’s local court, Dr. Shahbaz Gill told the media reporters that he was beaten in Islamabad Police custody and the conduct of officials was inhuman. “I was given electric shocks on private parts. All this is being done to get the desired statement” said Dr. Gill.

Former Prime Minister Imran Khan on August 19 said that “Gill was tortured both mentally & physically incl sexual abuse – most too gruesome to relate. He was humiliated to break him down.”

Acting Chief Justice of Islamabad High Court Justice Aamer Farooq also confirmed in his written order that the police authorities vehemently denied the allegation of torture but the register/record of the Central Jail Adiyala, Rawalpindi does mention certain bruises and other marks on the body of the petitioner when he was taken in.
Acting Chief Justice of IHC also added that, “the Medical Officer does mention certain marks on the body of the petitioner however, it seems that no further action was taken on the same inasmuch as no communication was made to the Sessions Judge or even to the Superintendent of Police or office of Advocate-General, Islamabad. The examination of body of the petitioner was also made on 17.08.2022 which does mention some infirmity of the health of the petitioner.”

Human Rights Watch also raised concerns on such conduct of Police and LEAs and urged the senate of Pakistan to pass a bill that would make torture a criminal offense. In a detailed statement, the Human Rights watchdog said that, “Human Rights Watch has long documented the widespread use of torture and other ill-treatment by the Pakistani police during criminal investigations. Criminal suspects from marginalized groups are at particular risk of police abuse. Methods of torture include beatings with batons and littars (leather straps), stretching and crushing legs with roola (metal rods), sexual violence, prolonged sleep deprivation, and causing severe mental anguish, including by forcing detainees to watch other people being tortured.”

International Human Rights Foundation also raised serious concerns over the inhuman conduct of security officials.

Meanwhile, Judicial Magistrate Malik Aman has rejected the plea of Islamabad Police to extend the physical remand of Dr. Shahbaz Gill for another 7 days and sent him to prison on judicial remand. In his detailed written order, Judicial Magistrate said that, “The Investigation Officer seeks further 07 days physical remand of the accused in order to recover the mobile phone under the use of accused and conduct poly graphic test. I also gone through application dated 10.08.2022 wherein there is no such purpose for recovery of mobile phone and poly graphic test reflected to obtain physical remand of the accused. In similar application moved on 12.08.2022, the remand sought for on the basis of recovery of mobile phone and poly graphic examination. In the application for grant of physical remand filed on 19.08.2022, the Investigation Officer portrayed he intends to recover the mobile phone, however, there is no mentioning of proposed poly graphic test. In application for grant of 48 hours physical remand, purpose of remand shown, recovery of mobile phone and poly graphic examination.”

He further added that, “In present case, accused is arrested on 09.08.2022, however, despite lapse of 15 days neither, complete nor interim report submitted before the court which shows the vigilance of the prosecution to conclude the investigation. Physical remand cannot be granted, repeatedly for the same purpose, without any positive progress.”