The statement of Imran Khan’s chief of staff Dr. Shahbaz Gill has been produced in Islamabad’s local court. According to the official statement, Gill who is booked on sedition charges was tortured and brutally beaten by authorities after the arrest.
Dr. Shahbaz Gill revealed that, “I have been picked up around 2:00 PM on August 9 by using excessive force-breaking my car window. After taking me in custody they covered my eyes tightly and taken me to an unknown location. They threw me in a room. Removed my all clothes and made me naked. After that, they started beating me with stick, punches, slaps, kicks and with large size leather piece felt like a shoe. Then they left me in that room after few minutes.”

Gill further claimed that, “After 30 minutes, again two people entered in the room. These people again started similar episode and beaten me. It is pertinent to my hands were handcuffed. After a gap they came again and took me out and placed in vehicle. Vehicle started moving and after 45 minutes it stopped. They took me out and shifted in a room. There, they removed my eye cover and informed me its police Secretariat.”

The official statement has raised serious questions on Islamabad Police’s conduct.
Meanwhile, Islamabad Police gets 2-days physical remand of Dr. Shahbaz Gill from Islamabad’s district and sessions court.