By Fakhar ur Rehman

Following 2018 General Elections Pakistan Tehreek Insaaf came in to power with coalition partners. From the very first day the government of the Prime Minister Imran Khan was standing on 17 votes of PMLQ 05, MQM 07 and BAP 05. Therefore, Khan had no illusions about the survival of his government. 

His drive against corruption was the hall mark of his government policy of Accountability which brought him to the point of no talk with the opposition political parties . Pakistan PML-N, PPP are the leading Opposition Parties whose front-line tier is facing money laundering and corruption cases. Three-time Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif was disqualified for life in Panama case by Supreme Court, later he was also sentenced to 10 years life imprisonment for failing to substantiate his London properties. In Nov 2019 PML-N President Nawaz Sharif “managed” to go abroad on medical treatment grounds. Allowing a convicted felon to go out of Pakistani Courts jurisdictions was an unparalleled act in the history of the country. It was a political blunder of the PMIK government. No Country Head of government was noted to have inquired health of Nawaz Sharif ever since he went to UK. Nawaz Sharif after settling down in London had started his schemes on how to bring down the PMIK government. 

With his Indian, US, Israel and UK connections the London plan was scripted . First implementation was witnessed in Pakistan when the 11 Political Parties announced formation of Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) in 2020 in Islamabad led by Maulana Fazlur Rehman of Jamaat-e- Ulema Islam (JUIF). PDM carried out its public campaign across the country to mobilize the masses to bring down the PMIK government. During their public campaign, all red lines were crossed. An Anti Army and Anti Judiciary narrative in speeches was built blatantly to such an extent PML-N leader Nawaz Sharif even made a call in public meeting at Quetta to the rank and file of the Army to “ revolt “ against its Chief. He had spared no words in condemning the Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa  and former DG ISI Chief Lt. Gen Faez Hameed who is currently posted in Peshawar as Corp Commander. The objective was to provoke the Army to have a showdown on streets. 

PDM held public gatherings one after another, hitting at the army, judiciary, inflation, price hike and accountability but miserably failed to mobilize the masses. Internal disputes between PML-N and PPP on mass resignations from the Parliament was also an important element of failure. 

Both PPP and PML-N are considered to be US political proxies in Pakistan amongst masses decided to go for another Long March in March 2022. But plans changed, Long march did not happen. US was to complete its withdrawal from Afghanistan in May 2021 as per Doha Agreement and it needed military bases in Pakistan. The US media had reported secret visit of the US CIA Chief William J. Burns to Pakistan and US interest for military Bases. Burns had assumed charge in March. He and British Intelligence Agency MI-6 both visited same year separately again. The question regarding Military Bases was raised with the PMIK last year by an American Journalist in an interview in Islamabad to which the “ Absolutely Not” reply was given. After completion of the US led NATO troops withdrawal  from Afghanistan , the Biden Administration “started “ mulling on plans to have change of regime in Islamabad. Work on the conspiracy script had started in October 2021. 

The US diplomatic interactions with the various political parties in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad are on record . PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto’s visit to US last year and mysterious disappearance is also something which Bilawal when asked had not replied satisfactorily. The London Plan was given a go head. Government had started documenting “The conspiracy“ reports. Now the United Opposition was on to have successful vote of no confidence move but it lacked numbers. Defections of the PTI MNAs and their public appearance at Sindh House in Islamabad and the PMIK statements of horse trading in millions of rupees are brazen facts . The PMIK himself had stated in December last year that “next three months (Jan-March 2022) were important “politically.

After the OIC FM moot, the unfolding events after the historic March 27 Jalsa at Parade ground in Islamabad are now in public domain . PMIK had revealed the “US intervention“ in Pakistan by waving the Washington Cable from Pakistani Ambassador wherein “procedure to oust the PMIK through a Vote of No Confidence was laid down and direct threat of severe consequences was given should it fail”. 

The United Opposition Foreign funded and scripted conspiracy to dislodge the PMIK resulted in to the US direct intervention which now stands “authenticated“ after it was discussed threadbare in the Cabinet and the National Security Committee Chaired by the PMIK and attended by the Chairman Joint Chiefs of , Services Chiefs, Defence Minister , Foreign Minister, Interior Minister, National Security Advisor etc. 

The Washington Cable was received on “March 7 “ and the Vote of No Confidence was moved on March 8 . The Regime Change Conspiracy culminated in success on April 09 with coming in to power of the United Opposition with the blunt foreign intervention and role of internal actors . 

The role of the Supreme Court of Pakistan has also raised many questions and public still has no answer for its strange role. When a Chief Executive of a country who is responsible for the 220 million people tells the nation of “an external threat” then it becomes an issue of sovereignty of sovereigns and national security which cannot be brushed aside so casually. The public mood is outrageous. The military Spokesman Maj General Babar Iftikhar has too confirmed by reiterating the expression “the intervention“. PMIK has categorically declared that he was ousted through “the US instigated“ plan.