The count down to the fall or survival of the Prime Minister Imran Khan has begun. In his last address to the nation on TV he vowed not to allow the “conspiracy“ against Pakistan to “succeed“. In his latest interview to Mr. Arshad Sharif on ARYNEWS he said “my life is under threat, I was given three options by the establishment as a messenger to face no confidence motion, resign or go for fresh elections“.

The options were stated to be conveyed on behalf of the Opposition. PMIK said he rejected the offer but conceded that “on failure of the vote of no confidence he could go for an “early election” as it would be difficult to carry on with the present set up. At least 14 and some of his coalition partners have defected to the Opposition side.

The Letter is now a reality. Prime Minister Imran Khan has already declared it an issue of national security. In the letter blatant “ threats with severe consequences were made by the US Under Secretary of State who in his meeting with outgoing Pakistan Ambassador to Washington Mr. Asad Majeed Khan had conveyed blatant message of US President Joe Biden that if Imran Khan As PM must go or vote of no confidence was coming against him, if failed Pakistan to face severe consequences. 

PMIK condemned it strongly and also labeled it as a direct attack on the independence of the country and interference in the internal affairs. “ The letter contains direct threats, they want my removal, it’s a foreign funded regime change conspiracy, I have the all evidence “ he said in the interview. 

He said foreign forces knew about the impending move , were in touch with three US stooges. Pakistan lodged a formal demarche by summoning the US Charge’d Affairs at the Foreign Office . The US reaction is also on record . “We support” the constitutional process against the PMIK in Pakistan, a US State Department Spokesman said. it’s an open admission that US is behind the move no confidence move.

At least four Pakistani leaders have been eliminated during the checkered history of Pakistan. PM Liaqat Ali Khan was assassinated in a Public Meeting in Rawalpindi in early 50’s , followed by Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, Gen Zia Ul Haq and then Benazir Bhutto. Now PMIK says his life is under threat. When a PM says his life is under threat it means the threat is to Pakistan. That’s why it is an issue of National Security . 

The pulse across the country is with the government. PMIK who was assessed by the Opposition to have lost popularity due to bad governance and inflation  has proved this assessment wrong. Now it turns out that Imran Khan is the most popular leader currently across Pakistan. PMIK may lose the government but his political victory is already a writing on the wall and it will be spell bounding. Mammoth public meeting last Sunday in Islamabad was an eye opener to many. 

The Opposition needs to show at least 172 numbers to dislodge the PMIK government as PMIK vows to expose the faces of these traitors to the nation. This whole game may tumble as government plans to initiate  “ treason “ inquiry against the accused under the constitution. Many ups and downs are set to come as the countdown to Sunday’s vote of no confidence continuous. PMIK has already said he has many cards to show. PMIK may clinch victory from seemingly lost game. 

That the joint Opposition – led by PML-N , PPP of Asif Ali Zardari, Former coalition partner of the government MQM with 7 , BAP with 5 seats – is the internal player of the “ foreign funded regime change conspiracy “stands authenticated. National Security has approved that the letter communique is real . It has been scripted and funded by the US as the PMIK said  he has intel reports.

Pakistani Opposition leader and the shadow Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif has reportedly said “ beggars can’t be choosers “ . He has condemned PMIK statements against West saying there was no need to say “absolutely not“ to US for military bases for drone attacks . Khan has vowed not to let down his nation. Tomorrow is the D-Day for the people of Pakistan to vote for an independent foreign policy or to become a subservient nation. Pakistan do want friendly relations with all countries including the US but not at the cost of self-respect and pride. The patriots and the touts will be exposed . Role of the National Security custodian is also under the radar of the nation, the pulse is volcanic. Are you ready to sustain the eruption onslaught?