BY: Fakhar ur Rehman

It is time for power corridors to reckon the truth. Time for artificial political intelligence is over.

23rd March has a unique character for the People of Pakistan. Back in 1940, Minto Park of yesteryears which now is Minaret of Pakistan in Lahore, had an assembly of Muslim leaders where a resolution was passed to have a separate piece of land where the Muslim minorities could live peacefully as per their belief, religion, culture, traditions, values and traits. The dream became a reality on August 14, 1947.

After 75 years, unlike previous 23rd March occasions, celebrations were different. Pakistan as one of the few Nuclear powers of the World was displaying its military prowess to the Foreign Ministers and delegates of 57-member states of OIC. The occasion was unprecedented as the Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi attended the Pakistan Day Parade as a Special guest. 

Pakistani people witnessed the “historic day” at the parade ground in Islamabad and millions on their TV screens. A glimpse of a dream of 1969 when OIC was founded in Morocco was seen with a glitter of some reality when military contingent of Turkey, Saudi Arabia also passed out. 

While the National Day celebrations was going on across the country, the political forces were playing its dirty games to bring down the government. So much so that the event of OIC FM moot was also threatened by them to be sabotaged. The Opposition Parties did not attend the Parade. A National Day is a day of unity but people of Pakistan did not witness any political unity.

The Opposition was playing the most stinky ,deplorable, bizarre role . Pakistan People Party and Pakistan Muslim League both have been in power thrice during the last thirty years. Both are desperate to bring down the government of Prime Minister Imran Khan of Tehreek Insaaf. The main reason of such desperation are the corruption cases and consequently losing qualification to be in politics in future. 

The whole game started during the Month of March . While government alleged that its Party MPS were being lured, tempted to sell their loyalties in millions of rupees. PMIK is now on record to have stated that there is a foreign funded conspiracy going on to dislodge his government. 

The people of Pakistan are watching the whole game and a is drama going on day and night on national media. The despicable shameless political characters are emerging on TV screens like the grass hopers jumping out where ever they see a prey. Divorce of all ethics, Shame, remorse , guilt and morality has been witnessed by people of Pakistan where these politicians are switching their loyalties like a pub girl who skirts her body where the money is showered more. 

All this is happening when the world has changed with the revolution of information technology and digital media. People are watching and distinguishing everything. Their conscience is alive especially the 140 million Young. The gossip in town is audible to the youth as well. Everyone knows everything, the drums are rolling for anyone with a conscious to hear.

Social media has evolved as the power of the masses across the globe. People in Pakistan are watching keenly as how their Representatives are betraying their trust and sanctity of their votes. 

Despicable satanic character of the politicians is a vindication of a fact that country’s political system is polluted to the bottom where self-interest has become an inevitable factor at the cost of the National Character. 

In such a scenario the PMIK was able to hold a mammoth public meeting in Islamabad on few days back where Imran Khan has emerged as a “charismatic leader with hope and catalyst for a change”. The message by tens of thousands was clear that they want to see a new era of corrupt free representatives, Justice, honour and dignity .

But his predicament and helplessness were obvious due to the political grass hoppers, circus of jokers, opportunist , good weather friends , back stabbers, gang of betrayers . But, in today’s world their time is shrinking and vibes for New system has started coming now. It is time for power corridors to reckon the truth. Time for artificial political intelligence is over.

Fakhar ur Rehman is a Senior Journalist who has worked with Pakistani and International Media. Turkish NTV, CNN Turkish, NBC News USA, Aaj TV, Dunya TV and Samaa TV coveting Defence, Diplomatic, Political, Judicial issue’s, war against terrorism.