Islamabad, Oct 6: The Federal Cabinet has rejected the name recommended by Pakistan Army’s General Headquarters (GHQ) for appointment of Ambassador in Sri Lanka as cabinet members objected to credentials of the recommended two star general.

In a Vlog titled, “PM Imran Khan refuses to appoint GHQ nominee with dubious credentials as ambassador “ investigative journalist Rauf Klasra said that federal cabinet in its meeting held on 1st October rejected the name of Major General (retd) Saad Khattak for appointment as ambassador to Sri Lanka.


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Rauf Klasra Vlog Link

Rauf Klasra Vlog revealing how Cabinet rejected a GHQ nominee








Mr Klasra revealed that the name of Major General (retd) Saad Khattak was put forward by minister for Foreign Affairs, Shah Mehmood Qureshi, arguing before the Cabinet that the name was forwarded for appointment by Army’s GHQ from its quota of foreign service appointments.


However, the federal cabinet rejected the appointment of Major General (retd) Saad Khattak citing the reasons that he was already rejected earlier by the Cabinet for appointment as Chairman Evacuee Property Trust Board (EPTB).

Cabinet earlier rejected Maj Gen (retd) Saad for appointment as Chairman EPTB.


“How can the cabinet approve Saad Khattak’s appointment as ambassador when he was already rejected earlier for appointment as Chairman EPTB by the same cabinet,” Rauf Klasra said, quoting a cabinet minister.


After listening to the arguments, Prime Minister Imran Khan rejected the appointment of Major General (retd) Saad Khattak as Ambassador to Sri Lanka. For further details click the link of Vlog: :


Cabinet members cite this as merit-based decision making by Prime Minister Imran Khan who is not scared to reject proposals even from the powerful Army headquarters.


Top sources in the military claim during the tenure of PMLN PM Nawaz Sharif, all proposals, including budget or supplementary budget demands by Army were approved blindly without any questions asked.


However, PM Imran Khan is a strong popular Pakistani Prime Minister who has for the first time not only reduced the military’s budget but also takes meritorious decisions as evidenced by twice rejecting the name of a two star general Saad Khattak for post-retirement lucrative appointments.


A Linked in profile (Link: in the name of Major General (retd) Saad Khattak claims that he is President of Graana Group of Companies (

A Linked In profile showing Maj Gen (retd) Saad Khattak as President Graana Group


Sources close to Graana companies reveal that recently the Major General Saad Khattak fell out with the management of the group and demanded return of his share of money in the company.


The issue was pending resolution when Granaa management appointed Lt General (retd) Haroon Aslam, a three star general with illustrious career and one time contender for the post of the Chief of Army Staff as President Advisory Board of Granaa Group.

LtGenHarron AslamGraana

Lt Gen (retd) Haroon Aslam appointed as President Advisory Board of Graana Group of Companies








The Granaa Group is a real estate management group having members of PTI who also look after social media projections and campaigns of the party.

Sources in PM Secretariat said Graana is also vying for a role in multi-billion rupee Naya Pakistan Housing project announced by Prime Minister Imran Khan to provide fifty lakh homes to Pakistanis during his five year tenure.