I am

I am not, what you think, I am
I am mere reflection of who I am
What you see is just a hologram
To experience this realm through this I am

I am not the one who thinks and talks
I am the one who observes my thoughts and talks

I am the one who walks beside me
I am the one whom I do not see

I am not the one who sleeps at night
But the one whose awake day and night

I am love, I am light, I am presence
Fear only can employ in my absence
My purpose on earth is to learn some lessons
By spreading love and it’s presence

I am here, there and everywhere
On the top of the mountains and beneath the soil

I can go on and on to explain myself
I am even present in yourself

Some call me consciousness some call me being

My journey is observing myself through seeing

Tasneem Goheer