The Honour of Kashmir by Asma Ishaq.


The Honour of Kashmir

I am scared in my home
Yet I am alert not doomed
These vultures are ruthless
Who tear and eat the livings
They rip through the self-esteem
Attack mercilessly to supercede
Look World what these wolves set!
Unspeakable violence of State
In great sin to ravage the daughters
To meet the purpose of our surrender
But we never bow now or shall never!
I am scared yet I am resilient
I am helpless but not hopeless
Any moment or any time sooner
There will be the dawn of Freedom
For that we have sacrificed our sons
And even the honour of our daughters
Let me say again to you the cruels
I am the sacred honour of Kashmir
I am the valiant daughter of Kashmir
My soul is locked and protected
That can never be subjugated
I can fight for my nation’s honour
Can tell you that we are the owner
My contempt and despisement
Are enough for you bunch of cowards
This resilience of the decades-long
Is itself guarantees your shameless roles!

-Asma Ishaq.