Love all cherished by Asma Ishaq


Love All Cherished!

Asma Ishaq


It was a pleasant noon in the city. Coastal-breeze blows and keeps spreading the smell of rain mixed with sand after the morning spell. She was in hurry to catch the university bus. She was not from this university but had come here to attend a workshop on the Public Speaking training. Struggling with her shoulder bag to carry it carefully, and typing on her cell to reply a text of her friend, she was almost stumbled crossing the lobby. She immediately maintained herself back on the feet. She looked around if someone saw her falling. The one person she found nearest was a young man who first giggled and then cut his smile after he has enjoyed this scene. Had it been any other time she would have said something for this manifestation of his masculinity victory over this very natural fall of hers but she better thought to ignore. She was walking ahead but it was an utter surprise that he joined her, saying greetings. She replied in haste. Then, he immediately started sharing the purpose to talk about. He was collecting donations for some charity to be given to some needy people in a local slum. She was a bit angry for his previous grinning-action but hearing about the donation campaign made her listen him attentively. He shared more details about the donation and all those plans for giving money to the needy families there. He asked her name, told his and left with the cell number requesting that she should contact if she could arrange more money from her acquaintances. In the bus, she was enjoying the breeze when suddenly his plans come in the mind and she felt grateful that humanity still lives around.

Keeping her words, she made calls to some of her friends. She collected some good money and then she called the young man who she had met in the lobby of university. The cell was off. She was surprised but she left a message with her name and purpose. Two days later, he called her back telling that he was away from the city for some very important task. He thanked her and said that he would come to collect money from her place. He then told her that he is a serving officer. He had gone out of the city. For his further introduction he told that he wanted to make the best of his posting here so he had got enrolled for doing a course of the Business Administration. As for the promise, he came to her home to collect the donation and they had a good time with more introduction about each other and the families too.

July was never as beautiful in the city as it was in that year. She gradually knew more about him, he was a super fine human and equally a highly-efficient young officer who was filled purely with the love of Motherland. These were quite tough days for the Forces to deal with the continuing terrorism. There were operations one after another to curb the menace of terrorism that was eating the country like any increasing-termite. He was engaged in those operations mostly. Yet he was never negligent from her. No matter, wherever he would stay or go, he would inquire about her wellbeing as a must thing. This was the same with her too that she would wait either for his call or a message. It was his routine that he would write little when he was away and then he would inform about the safe return. He had got such a gentle soul that even staying or living among the barren-mountains could not turn him a rigid or harsh person. He remained a kind human who would never even think to hurt anyone in the farthest dream.

Love yields the roots slowly and gradually it starts sprouting out. The love in between these two took birth in the same way. He left no option to make her believe that he is the one-right choice for her. He showed her the best care, affection, and attention. One thing that she would love the most was to see him in the uniform. He was more than to be called the handsome in his uniform. His uniform became her weakness. Knowing this one day: he laughed loudly and said, “Honey! First of all, it should not be your weakness but the strength. Yet you will make your place everywhere with your own potentials, keep it in your mind always that you would never need my uniform to get approved yourself.” She heard those words and acted always truly on them. She never wanted to disappoint him as he was all her world. He made her understand the life and world in a total different perspective. He was never tired of listening her queries related with the workplace or anything despite the fact that he got some real tough routine. One fun activity that they had often, she would read Shakespeare to him that he would listen patiently but as she got finished with it, he would immediately start taking classes to teach her Bulley Shah. He would translate the language to her as it was not hers and this way he somehow improved her comprehension of this language. He protected her like any guardian angel, always called her, ‘a blessing’ for him. Thus, with such genuine love and care, he went making herself as he wanted her to be who would excel in the life everywhere, winning every goal and achieving all the targets.

One day they were discussing on various contemporary issues of the country as usual. He came over lunch at her place, she herself had cooked his favorite food. She asked a question to him, “What can be the best form of love? Like his usual teasing habit he commented, “Isn’t is a childish question to an officer of such higher intelligence? She was chin down on receiving such remakes then he immediately began speaking, “Every form of love is beautiful. It is the most beautiful of all human’s emotions. Yes! It is more beautiful when it is an unconditional one. No difference should be considered in between there, if one counts the difference then it is definitely not the love. Love propels more between the souls, no matter how far you are and there is no physical proximity yet one remains attached to the person one loves.” She got courage to ask her second question, “Why do we have conflicts even with the ones we love? His answer came with somewhat a new-found-knowledge to her as he spoke, “People are very wrong when they underestimate the power of conflict in one’s relationship. Conflicts must be utilized to strengthen the bond but one should never be disrespectful to each other. Conflicts identify the weak areas to the people where they can work to better one’s bond. Caring genuinely and respecting each other’s differences is the beauty of love. Saying sorry does not make anyone smaller. It is then the love all-cherished” He stopped to eat some food more, “Love is sheer happiness that one feels in the presence of beloved and even when one has lost him/her.” He took a sigh and then added more, “It is indeed too painful to see someone going away. One can’t simply bear the loss but one should never let the person die in one’s heart. And this very good memory of one’s love story is the ascension of love.” He looked at her, laughed and remarked mischievously again, “I am very positive that you will muster all your intelligence for grasping all this what I have spoken now.” “Yes Sir! All clear, was her reply in an artificial angry tone accompanied with a grin.”

Miseries and tests never leave the lovers absolved. Trials are always there to destroy the happiness of the two hearts who make a promise to live in a formal relationship. It was never known that the fate carried a fatal stroke for them too. All the dreams and plans for a beautiful life, home and family could never took place. The dreams were then got buried silently.
In the case of soldiers, love is a sacred part of the life. The love that they have for the loved ones is unconditional but the love for the Motherland is the lifeline to them. This is the norm of being a great soldier to keep love of Motherland the supreme of all. The call of duty is the foremost obligation for them. No matter how very loving people that they have in one’s life and they love them dearly too. Yet the call of Motherland is the dearest to them and it is almost sacrilegious to show any deferral there. The same fate was written for her soldier too, for whom the love of country was the supreme of all. He could just explain the sensitivity of the duty, this was the shortest that he had ever spoken to her on anything and he left. She could never question anything and assured only that she understood all this.

The country saw the plague of terrorism for a decade almost. It was one of the challenging phases that the nation has suffered from. These were the soldiers indeed who stood solid through in the difficult time to bring back the peace in country. Hundreds of brave sons sacrificed their lives, some got injured severely that the injury left them crippled for the entire life. Some even left forever for the call of duty leaving everything behind. So this is how this country stands integrated today due to those sons’ sacrifices. These sons are definitely the pride of everyone. However, there are some extraordinary soldiers, some tougher-ones working continuously day and night. Yet keep themselves hidden from the face of any fame or trumpeting. These are unknown to the nation but the whole nation indebted hugely to these unseen brave hearts. Trained with highly specialized skills, these soldiers take all the pressure and responsibility all alone on them in performing the tasks that the human reason stays astounded.

Time passed faster than it was ever thought but it seems that all this had happened a day ago. She got busier in the life making the best use of her potentials to serve the country. She also dedicated her life for the country. This is the only thing that her soldier had demanded to continue. Busy in the life and job, she remembers everything that he had taught. She has a peace and contentment that she has loved such an extraordinary man, a man of honour and courage whose heart was truly a simple heart and never got fascinated with the beauty, wealth or luxury. His wish was to have only one admirer who would love him unconditionally. To recall good times; she looks at his pictures, amidst tears in the eyes there sparkles his charming smile in the vision. His picture in uniform still sets on her writing table with the insignia lying next. He smiles there the same beautiful in the picture wearing his graceful uniform. In the moments when she starts feeling weak, his words resonate in the mind, “You belong to a very tough soldier, don’t ever let me down of you, and go win the world on your own.”  And she strives harder to win!


The love for Motherland is the base of each relationship in the soldier’s life. It is correctly to say that it is the all-cherished-love, dedicated only for the country alone. These soldiers infuse the similar love to all the people who are connected with them. The training that leave them like steel-nerves inspires them to turn these connected people alike. Exploitation of any sort is not the conduct found in them rather making the loved one to be something productive for the country is definitely there. Nevertheless, they love so deep that they just don’t take the heart with them but the soul too.

-Asma Ishaq.
The writer is an English Language and Literature teacher. She writes on various topics.
She can be reached at [email protected]


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