I am Commander Kulbhushan Sudhir Jadhav. Number 41558 Zulu of the Indian

I am a commissioned officer in the Indian Navy. And my alias name was
Hussain Mubarak Patel. And I was basically; I’d visited Karachi on 2
occasions in 2005 and 2006 for basic intelligence gathering on Naval
installations and subsequent detail. Basically gathering information on the
landing sites around Karachi and various naval vessels or whatever I could
gather about the navy.

The RAW officials had started sniffing that the Modi government will be in
power by 2014. So I was inducted and my services were handed over to
Research and Analysis Wing (RAW). And the aim was to see that all the
activities around the Mekran Coast and Karachi and Balochistan Interior.
Turbat and Quetta were to be organized and nicely coordinated.

Subsequently, me along with Anil Kumar had a meeting with Alok Joshi. Where
in the plans and the finalization of the activities along the Mekran Coast
and Karachi were finalized. I was stationed in Chahbahar, The Iranian Port
City under a fictitious name “Hussein Mubarak Patel” and I was running a
business there “Kaminda Trading company”. It was a discreet non embassy
based operation exclusively meant to conduct meetings with Baloch
insurgents and terrorists. The aim of these meetings was always to see that
the Aims and the Targets of RAW to conduct the various terrorist activities
within Balochistan are conveyed properly to the insurgents and any kinds of
requirements of them are conveyed back to the RAW officials.

My purpose of this time visit to Pakistan was to establish and meet the
basic leadership of Baloch sub nationals, the BLA or the BRA and establish
and Infiltrate around 30 to 40 RAW operatives along the Mekran Coast for
Operations along with Baloch sub nationals and miscreants or Terrorists.

The aim was to have RAW operatives on field so that they could facilitate
and help the Baloch sub nationals in carrying out precision targets to be
carried out. Precision, I would say sort of a military sort of a connection
to the entire Operation.

Balochistan doesn’t have a movement on the sea, so the aim was to raise
within the Baloch sub nationals a sea front, so that the activities could
be properly coordinated from the sea side and subsequently taken on further
inwards, may be Quetta or Turbat or maybe interiors of various places.

The subsequent activities which were then handed over by RAW when I
subsequently started working for Research and analysis wing, the main aim
was focused to Balochistan and the Karachi region. The idea was to see to
it that the sub nationals with in this region were facilitated and
supported financially and with arms and Ammunition, weapons and some kind
of maybe man and material movement also across the coast.

So me being a naval officer I was given the task of seeing that how they
could be landed across the Mekran coast, between Gwadar, Jewani or
whichever suitable points were there across this belt. And the main
ideology beyond this was that the economic and the various activities which
go along the CPEC region between Gwadar and China had to be distorted and
disrupted and some destabilized so that the aim was to just basically raise
the level of insurgency within Balochistan and the Karachi region.

Research and Analysis Wing through Mr Anil Kumar has been abetting and
financing and sponsoring a lot of activities within Balochistan and Sindh.
The entire Hundi and Hawala operations are undertaken from Delhi and Mumbai
via Dubai into Pakistan and during one such important transaction was the
40,000 dollars which was transferred to Baloch sub Nationals via Dubai.
Also the finances which are coming into Balochistan and Sindh for various
anti National activities