Mangoes gift for rich and inflation for public in PTI’s Govt


ISLAMABAD Chief Minister (CM) Punjab Usman Buzdar has been alleged of misusing public money to send mangoes as gifts to both powerful military and civilian officials.
The list available revealed the names of beneficiaries of free mangoes includes Director Generals Intelligent Bureau (IB), Federal Investigating Agency (FIA), Prime Minister’s senior staff, ministers and TV anchors. Millions were spent on purchase of mangoes which is contrary to austerity drive of the federal and provincial governments.
The spokesman of Punjab Government Dr Shahbaz Gill responding to ARY Anchor Arshad Sharif’s refusal to accept the mangoes, claimed that they were gifted out of CM’s own money.
However, he did not share any details of the farms where CM purchased Mango or someone else purchased the mangoes.
It is unclear who paid for the mangoes and why official resources were used to dispatch mangoes to influential. In addition, official packing was used and official vehicles used to deliver mangoes.