Simplicity Is A Simple Heart!


Life- a beautiful blessing, a gift, a journey full of adventures, a tangible example of the Creator’s magnanimity. One opens up the eyes: passes the stages; from a crawling baby, a toddlerwho throws tantrum for everything, eventually turns into a fully grown man, wise and practical, and that’s where the actual test begins for life, The choice: Yes! The choice for how to lead the life, how to make the most of it, how to utilize the endowed potentials for the optimum production in terms of one’s growth and success. Let’s re-phrase one of the often-quoted lines from the Shakespeare’s soliloquy,taken from his one of the famous plays-Hamlet, “To be or not to be: that is the question.”It’s a very common situation where humans come at a standstill state: what to do for the given situation, and such twists and turns keep occurring throughout the life. The life of human is full of convolutions but it can be an easier span and for this all what one needs to takeis the simple course. So the ‘question’ is not just all about “to be or not to be”rather ‘it is actually how to be.’This life is a struggle: for all about ‘how to be.’ One tool that reigns a human’s course of life for the most of choices, actions or decisions is the heart.The human-heart remains the most pivotal factor in steering the life. Now this heart may have got burdened with the advent and display of materialism nevertheless it is simple from its core to the attractions it has.

Man innately, is simple; his desires and all attachments are primarily a result of the simple nature. The indisputable form of simplicity is ‘love’it is an emotion but the beautiful most ingredient for life, to define it ‘love is nothing than intending and doing good for the loved ones.’The love between a child and the parents is truly devoid of every greed and pretense. A mother easily gets to know that what her infant wants next, if he/she is in pain or hungry. Similarly love between the two people definitely goes seeking theunion but at very foundation this too remains a simple attraction between the two, it is to love the other person for one simple reason that is he/she feels the world to one’s heart. Likewise, a teacher attending the farewell ceremony arranged for the passing-out students, seeing the same young kids he/she has been teaching. Now they read titles and thank-notes in return, teacher listensto them, and tears roll down with sheer love. One has no explanation for these attachments, and one stays simple to forward this love because it has been put there in the human nature, simply and beautifully. Pertinentto say here that artificiality cannot be mixed in these attachments as these are locked only to be used in the simple way.

Check the other traits, and not a surprise to know that all the other traits given in human as for nature are also simple: kindness, honesty, truthfulness and generosity. The dark traits are there to overshadow but these remain a set parameter to gauge greatness in any person. The simpler the nature of any person is,the more amount of kindness, honesty, truthfulness and generosity are to be found. As all these traits have one thing in common-a simple heart to forward kindness, to show honesty, to speak truthfully and practice generosity vis a vis with people around in the daily interaction.

Nature comes as the foremost and irresistible attraction to heart.The natural environment gives the most soothing effect. Humanhas been connected most with the Nature, it seeks peace with the help of this silent interaction. To many people nothing can be compared with the worth of nature that is almost finding a sanctuary in the midst of clamor of this world. Sit on a calm beach underthe starry sky, listen the roars of smooth waves then think of oneself, one’s creation and the purpose of this life. Have contemplation about all what the humans have been created for. Stand onthe top of a mountain, breathe deep there, and then think of the height that the mountain has. One will realize this heightfor humans is not given merely in themundane achievements rather this height has been concealed in the amount of altruism, service and sacrifices. Moreover, this height is for those who recognize the self and utilize the potentials instead of just living a life of no use for one’s self and others. Trees: perhaps the most appropriate example of benevolence to provide benefits to everyone who takes its shelter. So nature inspires to be simple, productive and helpful. All the people of closer contact with the nature are simple, humble and free of arrogance.

Uncountable humans have come to this world, spent the fixed times, some impressed the masses with the wonders they performed, some adopted the luxurious mode of livingmainly to impress others where it is forgotten what impresses more is the simplicity of nature. World-at large is materialistic, still there are people who are not impressed with any shining car, with thehouse like a mansion, any famous-expensive branded clothes. Humbleness, humility and truthfulness still makes a place inpeople’s heart faster than anything. Today, materialism is the ‘way of the world.’ It has captured a big part of life-style yet humans are found frustrated and seeking peace and that is only there in simplicity. The reason is this heart that finds peace when there is less use of resources because the excess in anything or everything causes frustration and distortion in mind.

Positively: simplicity is to lead a simple life that has minimum attraction towards materialism, extravagance in expenditure but of course it does not discourage to spend for the necessities. It suggests for the careful use of resources. The least the heart is in the luxury, the purer it becomes. People practicing simplicity are not hermit but their simple nature guides them to adopt everything simple; they eat simple, wear simple, talk simple and much commendable is they think simple. To say more, they avoid every kind of luxury. Hatred, ego, grievance, grudge, flattery, deceit and backbiting, all these are absent in them.Such people earn prayers and keep giving to others. Even for any hurtful reasonto imprecate others is not in their conduct.

The solace to be sought today is hidden in to live simple. It is simplicity that has the peace for soul and thus soul paves a way to connect to the Divine. Human is simple, his heart is simple no matter whatsoever the progress human has made but no invention guarantees the peace. The skyscrapers, the flyovers, the heighted-bridges are there for ease in living and moving around but walking along the trail of trees is an invaluable moment of life. The hugely-walled-decorated malls are unable to match with the beauty of any green-lush-field at the time of sun-rise.Eating scrumptious food in any first class restaurant is attractive but sitting in an open environment in a beautiful valley and enjoying the simple-traditional food is irresistible. Another priceless moment is to observe a serene morning in a village, sitting silently at a quietplace and taking deep breath transmits some kind of trance into the soul that one can’t find via any materialistic mean.

Simplicity is the originality of human nature. It stands as the distinguished trait against all kinds of materialistic sophistication. It is superior in every sense, it wins every heart. It is the most inspirational. A person winseasily who speaks kind and simple words than a person who is donned in any expensive clothes but has no good words to speak. Live simple to be the happy most. It helps lot to reduce frustration as simplicity produces contentment automatically. Go around and observe the nature in silence and one will find that it is the most profound communication. Practice generosity secretly to keep one’s hands the upper ones to feel the need of others. Love simple-Love truly! Not necessarily for the union but for a mutual-goodness to feel always for one another. Most importantly, forward good wishes to the people because the simplest form of love is prayers.

Human heart is ‘to be’ the simple so ‘how to be’ is simplicity!

Asma Ishaq.
Asma ishaq is a teacher and she love to write on various topics.