IT’S COOL TO REPEAT : Hadia Rehman



So there was another wedding in the family and my sister was really worried. I asked her the reason and she said there is not much time and she doesn’t have new clothes. Really? I replied. What about those pretty dresses which you totally adored when u bought them? I love them but everyone has seen them; you know how it is. So this was her response.
We are living in an age where everything is branded; thanks to globalization. The fashion, the cuts and color schemes alter so abruptly that once you wear an extravagant beautiful dress at a wedding and right after that, it becomes old fashioned or “seen by all”. I think this is the major reason why women run out of dresses whenever there is any occasion or function. For this, men should be given credit that they can repeat the same dress like ten times and their buddies won’t even ask them that isn’t this the old suit you are wearing.
Women should also get out of this fashion race and should wear clothes without thinking the clinch of ‘people have seen it before’. Kate Middleton has been in news for wearing the same dress for more than three times. She deserves appreciation and admiration for repeating her wardrobe with such poise and confidence and showing a constructive and nice way to ladies all around the world.
There are a few ways to repeat a dress in a way that it would look different every time. I think it can let women repeat a dress few times atleast.
• Alter the shirt’s length or style and try matching it with any other colored trouser or shalwar. Try to play with style and color contrast of the dress.
• Topping your shirt with some sweater/ jacket or button up can give your dress some extra mileage.
• Accessorize. Get some statement funky ring or necklace or even earrings that overshadow your dress and make everyone look at your accessories.
• Try matching your dress with some nice clutch or handbag and change that everytime.
• Never forget to get a nice pair of shoes to match with your dress. Wearing a beautiful dress with average shoes is a big turnoff.
Always remember it’s not the dress but your confidence and personality that outshines. Carrying your dress with poise and dignity matters most.

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