Healthy vs Skinny


Healthy versus Skinny

Living in a world where appearance matters more than your innersole can be really complicated. Unfortunately the contemporary world is so obsessed with glitz and glam of outer shell that people are ready to do anything to achieve that perfect façade. Keeping aside the girls and women, males and even pre teens are also joining this bandwagon. Veneer does matter but it shouldn’t come at the cost of other amazing traits which are possibly losing their essence these days one way or another.

In recent times, appearance is mostly judged upon by the figure of the person. Alas! If he doesn’t have that, it’s a game over for him. To achieve that ideal body, majority especially women go for fad detox diets. All such diet plans if followed properly help one to shed like 8 to 10 kilograms a month. Wow!! What an achievement in a month but hardly anyone recognizes the severe enduring negative effects of these diets on one’s health. Naming all such diet plans starve yourself would do justice to what they stand for.

The silent pressure to have an ideal figure is enormous these days which wasn’t there previously. However no one can deny the role of junk food and lazy lifestyle in promoting obesity. There is a dire need to understand the thin line between healthy eating and just disordered eating.

I personally had to struggle much after having my second baby to get back to a slim me again but proper understanding of healthy lifestyle brought me outside the race of being skinny. To love your body and accepting it with pride doesn’t happen to everybody but if taking pride in your individuality comes to you then you are one lucky person.

It’s more about how you feel instead of how you look and it doesn’t mean that if you look skinny you are not healthy but for some people it definitely means yes. There are a lot of people who have really unhealthy eating habits yet they are super skinny (Thanks to their super fast metabolism and physique). But just by looking upon them don’t starve yourself to get that body (Well that’s your metabolism and physique).

Eating healthy and doing one hour walk or any other physical activity every day should be your mantra and meanwhile give your body some time to get in shape instead of going for magic diets which would ruin your internal health. If you take anything away today, I hope it’s the knowledge that skinny doesn’t necessarily equals skinny and everyone’s body is unique and beautiful in its own way. Celebrate and take pride in it.

Hadia Rahman: An academic, writer and speaker by profession; all on an incredible journey to and through motherhood.

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