The Election Commission of Pakistan has rejected the request made by the Federal government to postpone the by-election for 90 days. The Shahbaz Sharif government and its facilitators are afraid of Imran Khan’s popularity. The former Premier enjoys public support so the Shahbaz regime and its handlers are trying to knock out Imran Khan on “technical” grounds. For this, another case has been registered against him by FIA in connection with the prohibited funding case. It was our exclusive story in which we revealed the details of the deal between Nawaz Sharif’s son Hassan Nawaz and Malik Riaz. Now Imran Khan is being questioned for this case too. The audio leaks issue is still the talk of the town. FIA has initiated an inquiry into this matter. In July 2022, columnist Ansar Abbasi claimed that the conversation of Imran Khan and his cabinet was recorded. He can help FIA in this inquiry.

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