CM Punjab election is now a matter of hours and the final count has begun. PTI-PMLQ alliance claims that 186 PTI and PMLQ MPAs have been gathered in PC Lahore and will be taken to the Punjab Assembly on voting day. Leaders of both parties claim that Ch Pervaiz Elahi will come out from Punjab Assembly as Chief Minister of Punjab on tomorrow evening.

All senior leaders of PTI and PMLQ have claimed that our number game is complete and the PTI-PMLQ alliance will be victorious. “All those individuals, country or state-institution who helped Shahbaz Sharif in all this, just destroyed their own image and their game is now over,”said PMLQ leader Monis Elahi.

Former Law Minister and PTI senior leader said that “Asif Ali Zardari destroyed his party and now he is destroying PMLN and politics of Shahbaz Sharif. We are confident and we are winning this contest.”

PTI Chief and Former Prime Minister Imran Khan reached Lahore this evening and addressed PTI-PMLQ MPAs residing in PC Lahore. He appreciated the party workers for great teamwork in Punjab By-polls. He also praised PTI MPAs for not giving up. In his tweet, former PM Imran Khan said that “Imported govt brought in by US regime change conspiracy first tried to rig Punjab by-elections thru govt & state machinery abetted by dishonest & biased CEC Sikandar Sultan heading non credible ECP.

He further added that “ A highly aware & resolute public stood firm ensuring the failure of nefarious design. Now the Kings of Crime, Zardari & SS having gotten their NRO2 are using their salvaged looted money to purchase Punjab MPAs making a mockery of laws & desecrating our Constitution.I am asking ppl of Pak that just as they came out & thwarted plan to steal Punjab election on 17 July.”

PMLN and PPP coalition claims that they will show up with an “upset”.

Federal Interior Minister Rana Sana Ullah claimed that “There is a possibility that the PTI’s politically aware lawmakers may not vote for Pervaiz Elahi and Pervaiz Elahi would not be able to complete his number game.”