British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Thursday announced his resignation as he lost the support of his party. While addressing the nation, Boris Johnson also said that he has appointed a cabinet to run the country until the UK gets a new PM.

 Boris Johnson also added that he was elected the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom with the biggest majority since 1987. He also recalled his efforts regarding the Brexit deal and claimed that his government effectively with the pandemic.

He also conceded that “no one is remotely indispensable and he is ‘sad’ to be giving up the best job in the world”. He accepted that he could not persuade his party members to avoid his removal. He concluded his speech by saying “the future is golden.”

“The Darwinian electoral system will produce a new leader” he further said. He will stay in the PM office as interim Prime Minister till October. The schedule for the contest will be announced in the coming week.

Boris Johnson was left with no option other than resign after his more than 50 ministers resigned and his party MPs demanded his resignation.

For many English political analysts, Boris Johnson weakened his position by indulging himself in multiple scandals including “Party Gate” and “The Chris Pincher affair”.