The Shahbaz Sharif-led federal cabinet has reportedly approved another controversial amendment in NAB law which will further curtail the powers of the National Accountability Bureau.

According to the documents available with Reporters Diary, NAB will not be able to deal with a corruption case worth less than Rs500 million once this amendment sails through the parliament.

According to the new proposed amendment, Section 16 is being altered.  After this amendment, the accused will be tried for an offense under territorial limits. It means that cases of Asif Ali Zardari will be shifted to Sindh from Rawalpindi if this amendment gets approved by parliament.

Another proposed amendment suggests that the federal cabinet now will have the authority to appoint the judges of accountability courts in consultation with high court chief justices. Earlier, the President of Pakistan had this authority.

As per documents, section 31A will be omitted from National Accountability Ordinance 1999 which deals with Absconding to avoid service of the warrant.

A month ago, Shahbaz Sharif-led government amended the NAB law and

the joint session of the Parliament approved it on June 10, 2022.