The budget session of the National Assembly attracted everyone’s attention when government allies expressed their displeasure over PM’s and his key minister’s attitude. Lawmakers who recently left PTI’s government and joined hands with the Shahbaz-Zardari alliance revealed that their concerns are not being addressed and they are left with no choice but to contact “powerful” quarters for remedy.

While addressing National Assembly, BAP’s lawmaker Khalid Magsi pointed out that the purpose of the “change” was something else and now the “change” we are witnessing is different from the promised one. Everyone is fighting for ministries and not one is addressing our grave concerns. We are not being taken on board. He warned Prime Minister to change their attitude and this attitude will not be acceptable anymore.

Another government’s key ally and independent lawmaker Aslam Bohtani also raised his concerns and said “we were allies of PTI-led government. In someone’s love, in someone’s affection, we joined the PMLN-PPP camp. I am not being given any funds. I did not get any funds even though I requested Prime Minister but nothing happened. I was left with no option but to contact ‘powerful’ people who then intervened and my concerns were addressed. We were happier in PTI’s government because they were giving us more funds.’’

MQM Pakistan which was part of the PTI-led government is also looking uncomfortable with their new alliance and they also fighting their case on media screens for the last couple of days.

For many political analysts, these are “pressure” tactics that were also used against the PTI-led government in the recent past.