Breaking The Shackles Of Servitude 

A child carries a message of support for ex Prime Minister Imran Khan: u are not alone.

By Fakhar ur Rehman 

May 24 ,2022 

Islamabad: For the last 75 years, Pakistani people had been yearning for a destiny of dignity, integrity, self-respect, honour, liberty , independence and above all the dream of being a sovereign nation. The successive political or military leadership it inherited had imperial characteristics, a servitude mentality. Never ever tried to raise its masses on the true spirit of Islam. The founding father, Quaid e Azam Mohammed Ali Jinnah, had announced to observe Day of Deliverance at the end of two-year fascist rule of the Congress from 1937-39. Congress pursued politics which had suppressed the Indian Muslims rights to live as per their religion. Finally, Jinnah was convinced that there should be a separate land for Muslims which transpired into creation of Pakistan on August 14 1947. But, the journey of independence had to surmount a number of challenges. A nascent country had joined US block before getting mature as a nation and successive governments never served as per the will of the people, always kept the masses in the shackles of poverty, financial deprivation, haves and haves not, educational backwardness, rich became the criteria to be ruler and so did the corrupt mafia. 

The so called democratic and martial law regimes were all nurtured under the influence of the US led western block. Resultantly, Pakistan became poorer and sunk in the swamp of foreign debts while elite siphoned its wealth with the loot and plunder stashed abroad in off shore accounts and the leaders took refuge in safe heavens like London, Washington or Europe. Though Pakistan became a Nuclear State but with a deliberate design it was restrained from becoming an industrial state or self-reliant country. Last 40 years of events in the region particularly ex-Soviet Union and US led NATO’s humiliating defeat and retreat in Afghanistan, have created a big opportunity for Pakistan to leap forward. With multi billion dollars CPEC projects and discussions to buy cheap oil, gas and wheat from Russia, former prime minister Imran Khan’s effort to pursue independent foreign policy was frustrated. Former prime minister Imran Khan government had started taking the initial steps to avoid IMF harsh conditions for a bail out when it became victim of conspiracy and treason at the hands of US cronies inside. 

The script started rolling in May 2021 when the US after humiliating withdrawal from Afghanistan had planned to install a puppet regime in Kabul. The last failed attempt was made even after 3 trillion US dollars were lost during the last 20 years of US longest war on martial race territories. The US instigated regime change conspiracy was planned with its local political tentacles in Pakistan. The plan was envisioned in London with former prime minister Nawaz Sharif of PML-N holding meetings with CIA handlers like Hussain Haqqani and executed by US diplomats in Pakistan. It had all started last year after refusal by the then Prime Minister Imran Khan to provide military bases to US inside Pakistan for drone attacks or surveillance in Afghanistan. With “Absolutely Not” reply Mr. Khan knew the game and he waited for all the characters to reveal themselves. The PPP, PML- N, MQM, JUI- F, ANP, with Judiciary, Military, media, anchors and journalists, legal fraternity, civil liberties groups, all surfaced out of gutter. 

The situation became more alarming with a US direct threat letter to dislodge a democratically elected government. Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaaf leaders claimed former PMIK was to be ousted through defections with purchasing of votes by foreign funds distribution in millions of rupees. The letter was the evidence mentioning of vote of no confidence motion to oust PMIK or face serious consequences. Mr. Khan decided to go public on with the letter with his mammoth public meeting in Islamabad on March 27. He had asked the relevant quarters to foil the conspiracy but was disappointed and it succeeded on the mid-night of April 09. He relentlessly addressed various big public meetings across the country to make the masses aware how their integrity, liberty and honour was sold out and the lurking danger to the independence of the country at the hands of corrupt and “imported government.” He raised slogan of “imported government Na Manzoor” which hit over 13 million tweets on a Twitter. He vowed to foil the move even at the cost of his life. The masses turned up in millions at his call and decided to join the “ Haqiqi Azadi Long March” to force early elections. 

The “imported government” baffled by failure to cope with the rising inflation, crushing stock exchange, dollar-rupee parity crossing over Rs.200/ with no financial bailout help from KSA, UAE, China, has now decided to crush the Long March with fascist tactics and iron hand. The massive crackdown has already started. 

The media is facing the wrath of the government too. Senior Journalists Sabir Shakir, Arshad Sharif of ARYNEWS, Sami Ibrahim of Bol TV , Imran Riaz Khan of Express TV have been subjected to severe fascist pressures, intimidation and insecurity with registration of criminal cases in various parts of the country. They had to take bail from the courts. ARYNEWS is facing worst censorship as it was put off air at the orders of the government across the country. 

The government has decided to not allow the “Long March” and not to hold early elections. With roads leading to Islamabad from Punjab blocked with containers and heavy deployment of security forces, arrests are already underway, many PTI workers have been arrested, the situation seems to be heading in to uncharted waters. Chaos, anarchy and even bloodshed was feared. 

But the question is why the “imported government” was resorting to fascist tactics, dictatorial actions? Many observers believe that the popularity graph of Imran Khan has risen during recent times in leaps and bound among masses which has amazed even PTI itself. The PDM coalition government fears that Imran Khan would sweep early elections and the ruling coalition government has failed on economic front and suffered set back politically due to IK’s massive campaign of US imposed puppet regime. Therefore, early elections doesn’t suit them. So, treating the Long March with iron hand indicates that the “imported govt” wants to create a nasty situation to drag in military intervention to have early elections pulled away for atleast a year. 

The imported government Prime Minister has been termed by Imran as a “Crime Minister” owing to the fact that Shahbaz Sharif is on bail, facing Rs 40 billion money laundering cases, so is rest of the 60% Cabinet Ministers. Shahbaz Sharif’s son Hamza  Shahbaz, who is Chief Minister Punjab, is also on bail and facing similar charges. Asif Ali Zardari of PPP and many stalwarts from his party face corruption charges. So, the people are furious that not only US stooges but also corrupt mafia has been brought in to  power. 

The 220 million (with 60% youth) population seems to have awakened at the call of Imran Khan who has not only infused a pure spirit of nationalism, independence, liberty, self-respect, honour and dignity but also determination to bring down imposed regime of corrupt mafia and break the shackles of servitude. 

Imran Khan has also expressed fear with message to people from Peshawar, “for real freedom, people will have to sacrifice, the whole nation eyes are on neutrals ( the Army) too, they are also being judged.” The evolving situation may warrant the Supreme Court’s final intervention. Who will march in and who will march out, the Long March on May25 would decide that.

Fakhar ur Rehman is a Senior Journalist who has worked with Pakistani and International Media. Turkish NTV, CNN Turkish, NBC News USA, Aaj TV, Dunya TV and Samaa TV coveting Defence, Diplomatic, Political, Judicial issue’s, war against terrorism.