By Fakhar ur Rehman 

Back on March 27, this year the then Prime Minister Imran Khan had revealed a diplomatic Cable cypher message contents before a massive and historic crowd in Islamabad. It was about a US instigated regime change plan to oust Imran Khan out of power through a vote of no confidence motion. The US explicit intervention in Pakistan to overthrow an elected government by hatching a conspiracy in collusion with its local handlers tantamount to bring in to sovereignty of a country to its subservience. Imran Khan has decided to foil the move , consequently he had dissolved the National Assembly for fresh elections following dismissal of no confidence resolution by the Deputy Speaker on April 03 on grounds of being unconstitutional based on foreign funded conspiracy to overthrow PMIK government.

Article 95 of Pakistan’s Constitution of1973 provides right to move a vote of no confidence move against a sitting Prime Minister. It must be seen in a pragmatic and comprehensive manner and interpreted accordingly that success of any such motion opens way for fresh elections . The Opposition can’t have the right to come in to power since it’s a minority and secondly if the motion was inherently based on any constitutional, unlawful tools. It may be a point of argument but A-95 means go for a fresh elections/mandate as a majority party loses the right to rule. A conglomerate of opposition parties cannot claim right to rule.

Following installation of over a dozen Political parties government Imran Khan addressed massive public meetings in Peshawar, Karachi and Lahore as part of what he said was “public awareness campaign“. He has been able to convince people that their independence, sovereignty has been compromised and they will have to fight back . Massive turnout at various public meetings is continuing and the people are “furious that corrupts criminals government has been brought back in to power”. Imran Khan in his public meeting at Mardan said that he asked the establishment to “foil the conspiracy but it did nothing unfortunately “.

Imran Khan has made a more startling revelation in his Sialkot meeting on Saturday evening. Earlier the diplomatic Cable was to oust him from power through conspiracy to intervention to the installation of puppet regime. Now it has been modified to Elimination.  “I have come to know few days ago that a plan has been finalized to assassinate me” Imran Khan revealed adding “I have recorded my video in which I have named all those who are involved to oust me and eliminate me” . The video would come in to public he said “if I am killed”. There had been intel reports confirming the assassination conspiracy. 

It’s been a month since the regime change in April 09 in Pakistan. The unfolding events, tentacles, connecting dots and incriminating evidence, all have vindicated Imran Khan stance. His movement from public awareness to prepare the masses for a long March now is slowly turning into an “ Inqulaab”, a Revolution – move. The political change has created a financial emergency situation as well and that means the country is now between the devil and deep blue sea. IMF new package is subject to price hike in oil, electricity, gas etc., Rupee devaluation is already a daily menace in terms of rising inflation . That means public chaos. 

Imran Khan scheme to bail out country by importing oil and gas and wheat on discount was sabotaged . 

It’s now obvious why it is important to eliminate Imran Khan is necessary for some and why a new London Plan was initiated. He has now turned out to be a National Hero. The installed puppet regime has found itself politically swamped in to a deep ditch. It has no face to go in to public unless IK is eliminated. Every element of the current foreign sponsored regime holds different stakes in the system but one thing that unites their benefits is Eliminate Imran Khan, a few people close to Imran Khan claimed. For the US puppets in Pakistan  it is how to get rid of corruption cases and ensure political survival, for the US and India is how to contain China and consolidate its footsteps in Pakistan. For that if Pakistan goes in to chaos, anarchy, bloodshed , such scenarios are even more ideal . 

Let there be no mistake; Pakistan is under attack . The only way to save Pakistan is to call for elections to foil the nefarious designs if it’s enemies. Act now , tomorrow will be late. Else country could be swept away in to uncharted waters. Now plan to assassinate Imran Khan must be countered because it’s to sabotage peace & tranquility in Pakistan.