BY: Fakhar ur Rehman

Islamabad: Last Week on Saturday the important capitals of the World were anxiously following minute to minute Political situation in Islamabad. Voting on No Confidence Resolution to dethrone PMIK was awaited in the National Assembly. 

The tense session started in the morning and went on till midnight. The frustration, anxiety, heart aching scenes in the camp of 11 Political Parties United Opposition with 174 members could be seen time and again as the proceedings entered in to thrilling phase during night time.

With frowns on many foreheads and fear in eyes suddenly red lights had started twinkling at relevant important quarters. The then PMIK had called an Emergency Cabinet meeting. As the meeting started someone alerted the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Pakistan while the Army HQ also came in to action . The Islamabad High Court Chief Justice too reportedly arrived in his court room to immediately take up a petition to forestall sacking of the Army Chief. 

What transpired out of the cabinet meeting was the decision to declassify the secret Memo sent from Pakistani Mission in Washington which contained the US threat related to removing PMIK from government through a Vote of Confidence. 

The declassified Memo was to be sent to the Speaker of the National Assembly, Chairman Senate and the Armed Forces Chiefs . The Supreme Court had declared April 03 Ruling of the Deputy Speaker NA regarding dismissal of Vote of No Confidence and PMIK advice to dissolve the National Assembly “contrary to the constitution“ with an order to carry out the proceedings on April 09 a fresh.

The National Assembly daylong session had now reached its pinnacle. The situation had turned in to midnight urgency . From Washington to Beijing, Moscow to London all important capitals were eager to see the result. Ultimately “foreign funded Regime change conspiracy“ with the abetment of the Opposition the PMIK government was brought down with 174 votes. Pakistan Tehreek Insaaf Chairman Imran Khan announced resignations along with Party Mp’s from the seat of National Assembly with a call to go for fresh elections.

Last midnight , at the first public meeting in Peshawar, Pakistan’s deposed Prime Minister Imran Khan declared “ Freedom Movement “ to free the countrymen from the stooges of US puppet government in Islamabad with two important questions to the apex Judiciary and the military establishment. In a first ever Ramadan public meeting with tens of thousands of supporter’s Imran Khan posed questions to the Supreme Court , “ My honourable Judges what was the urgency to open the court at midnight ? Did I ever break law, what was my crime , I am asking my Judges whether Qasim Suri was not correct to say that the Memo contained the message that the US would restore its relations with Pakistan only after Imran Khan is removed with vote of no confidence “.

Yes, what was the urgency at midnight and who were in urgency and why ? This secret needs to be unearthed. 

In his charged speech Khan expressed grave concern on the safety of our Nuclear weapons and national security with questions to the military establishment. “I want to ask our institutions whether those who have been brought in to power can safeguard our nuclear program, these two bandits who have stashed their wealth abroad, whether our nuclear program is safe in their hand?” He roared. 

Amid sloganeering “ Imported hakoomat na manzoor” (No to imported government) Imran Khan condemned crack down by the Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif, “there are 6 million mobile users in Pakistan, this is an era of social media , our youth has mobiles in their hands , no one can silence them, listen to me loud and clear Shahbaz Sharif you will have no place to run if I give them a call” he warned. 

Pakistan is witnessing a massive public political campaign on anti-America narrative with Imran Khan promising his supporters to pursue an independent foreign policy, never let them bow down before any power and get them free from the US planted regime. 

Imran Khan vowed to carry on mass campaigns to force the US sponsored government for early elections . “ I won’t stop until date is announced for early elections “ he declared.