By: Fakhar ur Rehman

Pakistan Tehreek Insaaf led by Imran Khan boycotted the election of new leader of House with decision to resign from seats in the National Assembly. PTI Governors are to resign in Sind, KPK , Punjab and Balochistan as well. Public  meetings, Rallies and Long March are the steps to follow to protest against imposition, plantation of US sponsored funded government in Pakistan. 

The people believe that a US Sponsored government has been installed in conspiracy with the internal actors. All the actors are vivid with their acts. Late night opening of  Courts , intervention of shadow forces, all facts are the facts now on finger tips of people. A movement to safeguard and restore sovereignty and independence of the country has kicked off. Pakistan right now is witnessing an un-parallel wave of nationalism. 

It all triggered following a diplomatic cable sent by Pakistan’s Ambassador to US which talked about a plan to dislodge PMIK for his crime of refusing subjugation to the will of US. The PMIK brushed aside the pressure saying “ I bow before Allah and no one else”. 

The Letter dated March 07,20022, unfolded the script leading to No Confidence move against former PMIK,  is now an “ authentic document envisaging evidence has now been shared with the Speaker National Assembly, Senate Chairman , The Chief Justice of Pakistan Supreme Court. 

The late Sunday night protests to reject “imported government “, across Pakistan after Iftar have turn out to be a Referendum against foreign funded Regime Change scripted and funded by the US. 

It’s a big No to the US led West by over 200 million people of Pakistan. It’s a big No to the US dictated Foreign Policy of Pakistan. People were singing National Anthem, songs to express that they are not slaves and a colony of US. Pakistan is an independent sovereign state of sovereign people. It must be an eye opener for those who are acting as US stooges in the country. 

Never in history has Pakistan witnessed such a mammoth gathering while their leader was not among them but only his call was enough. It’s a message that the People of Pakistan can face any challenge , any power provided there is a leadership of high moral authority. 

Sunday night protests must be appreciated by the Pakistani establishment. The way the Opposition has ganged up to oust Imran Khan from power is an open secret now. Ignoring or shutting eyes to this reality would have very dangerous implications. An Army fights at borders with its back guarded by its people. If this trust is battered, then it could lead to situation like Libya, Iraq, Yemen or worst, disintegration. Nationalist tendencies of various ethnic sections of the society is a well-known reality . It’s writing on the wall. 

The whole nation now knows that the set up coming in to power is corrupt, money launderers and anti-Army. During last 20 years thousands of soldiers from a rank of three stars to soldiers have sacrificed their lives for the country. Bringing looters and plunderers back in to power is a big treason to those martyrs . How it has been engineered , who is the mastermind, the nation knows. Social media is the evidence. 

The best way forward is early elections. Any plan to put Imran Khan off politics by arresting him and putting behind bars would be counterproductive, could lead to civil war. Guarding country from Internal and external instability is the constitutional duty of the Armed Forces. The 5th generation hybrid warfare strategy was chalked out to counter enemy propaganda but recent events shows that opposite is happening. Our own people are hitting back at State Institutions. The latest role of the Supreme Court in relation to the Opposition No Confidence Move against the PMIK government has not only been demoralizing among the People rather it has generated strop repulsion from the people.

People are watching unfolding events with despise against the State institutions. The Sunday agitation should be taken as a wakeup call, correct wrong decision before it’s too late. Pakistan Army ‘s stature in the eyes of the people has been tarnished, time to correct it is now, tomorrow will be late. 

A Nuclear country like Pakistan where  ousting a government in just “ Rs15 billion foreign fund “ is a very dangerous precedent. A political leadership coming in to power in such a manner would sell any national secret or compromise on national security for few million dollars. The emerging geo economic and geo political scenario, clearly shows why the US conspired change of Regime in Pakistan. Ukraine situation is the first part of new game in the region. Who is pursuing containment of China policy and why is now an open secret. 

The writer is a journalist with over 20 years of experience