Keeping your dog well hydrated is important for its health.

Large dog breeds like German Shepherds typically require one oz of water per pound of body weight.

Drinking water allows a German Shepherd to regulate body temperature, especially during and after exercise or walk.

Like humans and other animals, water intake helps dogs in digestion of food, removing toxins from the body and to keep good health.

Drinking too less water maybe a sign of a developing disease. please make sure your dog drinks enough water to remain healthy.

A healthy grown up German Shepherd male should drink between two litres (02 litres) to two and a half litres (2.5 litres) of water per day. female German Shepherd may require atleast 1.5 litre (one and a half litre) to 2.0 litre (two litre) water every day.

The water intake may increase slightly during summers or hot weather. moreover, after long walks or exercise, your German Shepherd may drink to make up for de-hydration.

Always make sure that your dog is well hydrated so it maintains good health.

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