Justice Qazi Faiz Isa

Justice Qazi Faiz Isa has written a note to the five member bench constituted by acting Chief Justice Umer Atta Bandial voicing his reservations on the bench calling it an un-constitutional step.

In his note, he has also mentioned Registrar of Supreme Court saying, “Registrars borrowed from the government are known to misuse the office of the Registrar, for instance by immediately fixing cases in which the government is interested and intentionally delaying or never fixing those cases which the government does not want heard or to never fix them There is a very long list of such cascs. It appears that the Registrar, who is a government servant, on the very day of passing the order dated 20 August 2021 proceeded to protect the government’s interest and that of his former colleagues.”


Jawad Paul, Registrar Supreme Court

The registrar of Supreme Court is Mr. Jawad Paul who has recently been appointed on this post. Jawad Paul is a graduate of Warwick University in LLM and is a topper of 1995 CCS Batch. He is known to be a professional with no political leanings among his colleagues and praised by all for his legal acumen.

Jawad Paul has previously served as Assistant Commissioner Islamabad, ADC G Gujranwala, Chief Commissioner ICT, Joint Secretary Establishment Division, Joint Secretary Prime Minister Office, Additional Secretary Prime Minister Office and Additional Secretary IT Division.

Not only is he a law graduate but he is the son of Justice Khalid Paul Khawaja and nephew of Former Chief Justice Jawad S Khawaja.


  1. A sad day for all who have followed the Supreme Court of Pakistan’s judicial history. Prior to 2005 with the induction of Ch. Iftikhar as the Chief Justice of Pakistan. The court was governed by set traditions. The Registrars were not imported from the administration, but promoted to the Office of the Registrar from the senior staff of the Court itself, or senior judicial officers from the Subordinate Judiciary. Mr. Nizami, Justice Sajad Ali Shah, who was elevated as a Judge, High Court of Sindh, finally becoming the JCP; and Mr. M.A. Latif whom I witnessed functioning as Registrars were above reproach or criticism, especially the Hon’ble Judges. With the elevation of Ch. Iftikhar as CJP, the very character of the Court was lost. One of his negative precedents was to employ Registrar from alien branches of the Government. The issue is not about their academic qualification alone. The Regsitrar has to perform many duties in harmony with all the Hon’ble Judges of the Court.
    He cannot afford to become controversial! the politics within the Court, notwithstanding!

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