By Arshad Sharif

Islamabad, April 7, 2021: It remains a mystery till date if the avalanche which martyred atleast 140 Pakistani soldiers at Gayari sector in Siachin was triggered by an electromagnetic wave generating weapon system of India or by natural causes of glacier melting.

Increasing body of defence literature suggests that India has developed and tested a linear electron accelerator weapon system code named after Hindu goddess KALI. 

The weapon system KALI (Kilo Ampere Linear Injector) was developed by India’s Defence Research and Development Organization and Bhabha Atomic Research Centre. 

Reportedly various versions of KALI accelerators, including KALI80, KALI 200, KALI 1000 and KALI 5000 have been commissioned by India.

India’s KALI weapon system

Commissioning of the KALI weapon system was revealed by Chairman Indian Atomic Energy Commission, Anil Kakodkar, in a founder day’s speech in 2004 in the following words: “High power pulse electron accelerator KALI-5000 has been commissioned at an energy of 650 keV and an electron beam power of 40 GW. High power microwaves having frequency in the range of 3-5 GHz and power 1-2 GW have been generated.”

Pakistan had sent a team of experts from Strategic Plans Division to help in the rescue operations at Gayari sector but no official word has ever been given out if they investigated the use of specialized weapons by India to trigger the avalanche.  

It was confirmed officially that a seven-member team of SPD was helping in the rescue operations with “high tech equipment” including life detection kits and thermal imaging cameras. 

Before the Gyari tragedy resulting in martyrdom of Pakistanis, officials of India’s DRDO were stationed at Partapur, the Indian Siachin Brigade Headquarters at an altitude of 11000 feet, ostensibly to grow vegetables through “solar green house cultivation.”

India’s DRDO ostensibly growing vegetables in Siachin through “solar green house cultivation!

When the tragedy struck Gyari on 7th April, 2012, satellite technology had developed to an extent that locations of military camps and movements could be mapped with hundred per cent accuracy down to one meter. If exact parameters of a military camp are known, it is possible to track the trajectory of an avalanche after triggering it through electromagnetic waves. 

Officially, neither Pakistan blamed India for the Gayari attack nor India claimed to have initiated the avalanche. Yet, blaming only glacier melting for the avalanche doesn’t make sense especially when presence of Indian DRDO was established in Siachin Brigade Headquarters for experiments on “solar cultivation.”

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Pakistan and India are fighting in Siachin – one of the highest battle grounds in the world – since 1984.

Pakistan Army launched one of the most difficult rescue operations on 7th April, 2012 when the avalanche swept away a unit of Pakistan Army stationed at Gayrai sector. Atleast 129 soldiers and 11 contractors were martyred on the fateful day at the camp located at an altitude of about 4000 meters.

Atleast 500 people including soldiers, engineers, experts, civilians were deployed for rescue operation. Heavy machinery including two Dozers, two JCB (Earth Movers), three Excavators and two dumpers were airlifted to Gayari.

Rescue Operations at Gayari sector

The teams worked day and night on the site. Foreign rescue teams, including a six-member German team and a three member team from Switzerland helped in the rescue operations at Gayari. 

German Shepherd dogs were flown in from Rawalpindi to help in rescue operations.
German Shepherd dogs were flown in from Rawalpindi to help in rescue operations.

German Shepherd rescue dogs were also flown in from Rawalpindi to help locate the buried martyrs.

Transportation of men and material to Gayrai was a complex challenging task. Pakistan Army’s Aviation Division and Engineering Corps played a heroic role to recover the bodies of martyrs buried under snow.

Operations in severe cold with very less oxygen availability compounded the challenge for the rescue teams. 

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Following are the names of martyrs of Pakistan Army in Gayari sector, Siachin:

SerArmy NoRankNameAddress Marital Status
PA-32596Lt ColTanvir Ul HassanVill & P/O : Waullah Teh : Chua Sadian ShahDist: ChakwalMarried 
PA-39548MajZaka Ul HaqSarwar Shaheed Chowk, Kot Adu Distt Muzzaffar GarhMarried
PA-105358 Capt DrHleem Ullah Jan, Ghazi Offr, AMC, ex 86 Med Bn House no 19 St No 1 Gulshan Colony GT Rd, PeshawarUn Married
Junior Commissioned Officers
PJO-141812N/SubAbdul Malik S/O Abdul HakeemVill : Tangar Bala P/O : Tangar BalaTeh : Tangar BalaDist: DiamarMarried 
PJO-141820N/SubDeedar Karim S/O Issa KhanVill : Karim AbadP/O : Karim AbadTeh : Ali AbadDist: Hunza NagarMarried 
PJO-141544N/SubKhurshid Ahmed S/O Fateh AliVill : KelP/O : Kel (Bila)Teh : ShardaDist: NeelumMarried 
PJO-141768N/Sub/ ClkIftikhar Ali S/O Ahmed ChooVill : KawardaP/O : KawardaTeh : SkarduDist: SkarduMarried 
2845952HavGhulam Muhammad S/O Ahmed LonVill : TowobuttP/O : NekruTeh : ShardaDist: NeelumMarried
2850088HavMuhammad Gulfraz S/O Abdul AzizVill : PutnarahP/O : DhaniTeh : MuzaffarabadDist: MuzaffarabadMarried 
2849262HavMuhammad Rustam Butt S/O Ghulam AliNew Address Vill & P/O ChahamTeh & Dist: RwpOld AddressVill : Karimabad P/O Halmat Teh : AthmuqamDist : MuzaffarabadMarried 
2850434HavMusadaq Hussain Butt S/O Muhammad Fareed ButtVill : NeelamP/O : KiranTeh : AthmuqamDist: Mzd (AK)Married 
2850498HavRahbar Hassan S/O Taighroon ShahVill : ThoiP/O : ThoiTeh : YasinDist: GhizerMarried 
2850375HavShad Hussain S/O Muhammad AzamVill : SumalP/O : GopisTeh : GopisDist: GhizerMarried 
2850178HavShafayat Ali S/O Gulzar KhanVill : ChungraP/O : AstoreTeh : AstoreDist: AstoreMarried 
2849250HavHafiz Shah Nawaz S/O Abdul LatifVill : PhulwayP/O : JanwayTeh : AthmuqamDist: MuzaffarabadMarried 
2854189HavTanveer Hussain S/O Nazir Ahmed(Att from 15 NLI)Vill : Mangowal GharbiP/O : Mangowal Gharbi Teh : GujratDist: GujratMarried 
2849959HavZakir Hussain S/O HussainNew AddressVill : Kashmara P/O , Teh & Dist : SkdOld AddressVill : BroqbosP/O : GultriTeh : GultriDist: Skardu Married 
2850257Hav/ClkMuhammad Ishaq S/O Haji Khuda YarVill : OldingP/O : SkarduTeh : SkarduDist: SkarduMarried 
2845909Hav/ClkSher Nayab Khan S/O Nadir KhanVill : YangalP/O : GopisTeh : GopisDist: GhizerMarried 
2848717L/HavGhulam Mustafa S/O Muhammad JanVill : SakwarP/O : GilgitTeh : GilgitDist: GilgitMarried 
2848128L/HavGhulam QadirVill : Karim AbadP/O : KelTeh : ShardaDist: NeelumMarried 
2849861NkMuhammad Ashraf S/O Muhammad NaqeebVill : KhinarP/O : ChilasTeh : ChilasDist: DiamerMarried 
2850451NkMuhammad Naseem S/O Barkat UllahVill : Rehman PurP/O : AstoreTeh : AstoreDist: AstoreMarried 
2853184NkSartaj Alam S/O Muhammad GhazalliVill : JaglotP/O : JaglotTeh : GilgitDist: GilgitMarried 
2856690Nk/ClkGhulam Ali S/O Ali RoziVill : MarolP/O : MarolTeh : KharmangDist: SkarduMarried 
2850644Nk/ClkGhulam Mehdi S/OHaji MuhammadVill : KawardaP/O : KawardaTeh : SkarduDist: SkarduMarried 
2849357LnkAbdul Jabbar S/O Muhammad Nazir KhanVill : ThoubP/O : ThoubTeh : BaghDist: Bagh Married 
2852826LnkGhulam Mustafa S/O Ghulam MuhammadVill : DarleyP/O : Darley BalaTeh : Astore Dist: Astore Married 
2853910LnkHimayat Hussain S/O Tawar ShahVill : JalalabadP/O : JalalabadTeh : GilgitDist: GilgitMarried 
2855333LnkAltaf Hussain S/O Malik Muhammad SayedVill : DangsaralP/O : MuzaffarabadTeh & Dist: MuzaffarabadMarried 
2857251LnkAbdul Irfan S/O Haji Abdul Rehman(Att from 15 NLI)Vill : AkbarP/O: TalharaTeh : DaskaDistt : SialkotMarried 
2655804SepMuhammad Arshad Khan S/O Raes Ud DinVill : NeelamP/O : Keren Teh : AthmuqamDist: MuzaffarbaadMarried 
2857817LnkMir Hussain S/O Sher AzamVill : SumalP/O : SumalTeh : GupisDist: GhizerMarried 
2848927LnkMuhammad Riaz S/O Muhammad YousafVill : KelP/O : KelTeh : ShardaDist: NeelumMarried 
2857845LnkSami Ullah S/O Abdur RahimVill : MonatP/O : JaglotTeh : JaglotDist: GilgitUn Married
2853723Up/LnkMuhammadNaeem Khan S/O Gul Akbar KhanVill : RajpothP/O : Punna SehotTeh & Dist : MzdMarried
2859016SepMuhammad Abid Naveed S/O Shabbir Ahmed(Att from 15 NLI)Vill: TappiP/O: Kohat Teh : KohatDistt : KohatUn Married 
2854276SepAkhtar Hussain S/O Fida HussainVill : DaskorP/O : ShigerTeh : ShigerDist: SkarduMarried 
2859317SepAksar Zaman S/O Anwar ZamanVill: Kahari PO: Siri KotTeh : GhaziDist: Hari PurMarried 
2854246SepAli Muhammad S/O Ghulam Abbas Vill : MarhpiP/O : ShigerTeh : ShigerDist: SkarduMarried 
2853175SepAli Zar S/O Khushi ZarVill : TeruP/O : TeruTeh : GopisDist: GhizerMarried 
2863151SepArif Hussain S/O MahdiVill & P/O : Tisar: Teh ShigarDist: SkarduUn Married
2856756SepDildar Hussain S/O Talib HussainVill : DerikP/O : RawalakotTeh : RawalkotDist: BaghMarried 
2861032SepEhsan Ullah S/O Yar KhanVill : NiatP/O : ChilasTeh : ChilasDist: DiamerMarried 
2856373SepFazal Abbas S/O Akhond Ali(Att from 2 NLI)Vill : ChurkaP/O : ChurkaTeh : ShigerDist: SkarduMarried 
2856725SepFayyaz Ahmed S/O Muhammad RoshinVill : Dhang RoomP/O : Nawab Jersi KhanTeh : PlandriDist: SudhnotiUn Married
2854463 SepFida Hussain S/O Haji MuzafarVill : MarapiP/O : ShigerTeh : ShigerDist: SkarduMarried 
2859709SepGhazi Shah S/O Fazal ShahVill : Gohar AbadP/O : Gohar AbadTeh : ChilasDist: DiamerMarried 
2853912SepGhulam Hussain S/O IbrahimVill : ThalayP/O : ThagasTeh : KhapluDist: GhancheMarried 
2854355SepGhulam Mehdi S/O Ghulam HadiVill : ThagasP/O : ThagasTeh : KhapluDist: GhancheUn Married
2861913SepGhulam Rasool S/O Abdul JabbarVill & PO: ThallayTeh : KhapluDist: GhancheUn Married 
2852400SepGul Madat Shah S/O Hajat Khan(Att from 2 NLI)Vill : Rawoshan P/O : GupisTeh : GupisDistt : GyzerMarried
2858890SepGulab ShahS/O Hazar BaigVill : Umal ChatP/O : Umal ChatTeh : GopisDist: GhizerUn Married
2862786SepHamid Ullah S/O Muhammad YousafVill: Wazir Pur P/O: Wazir Pur The: Shiger Distt: SkdUn Married
2857214SepIlyas Ali S/O Ali Muhammad Vill : Khar KolaharP/O : DagahoniTeh : DagahoniDist: GhancheMarried
2863102SepImtiaz Ahmed S/O Muhammad AyoubVill : HarchoP/O : HarchoTeh : AstoreDist: AstoreUn Married
2857181SepIrfan Khalil S/O Muhammad Khalil KhanVill : LunghgaranP/O : RalawakotTeh : RawalakotDist: PounchUn Married 
2860074SepMuhammad Ishaq S/O Syed Mushtaq Ahmed Shah (Att from 2 NLI)Vill : Goth MehrabP/O : Musafir KhanaTeh : BahawalpurDist: Bahawalpur Un Married 
2854761SepIsrar Ahmed S/O Muhammad AfsarVill : Chamba GaliP/O : BalouchTeh : PlandriDist: SudhnotiMarried
2863434SepJuma Khan S/O NazirVill & P/O : Wazir PurTeh : ShigarDist: SkarduUn Married
2856277SepKhawaja Mumtaz Ahmed S/O Khawaja Abdul RafiqVill : SurgonP/O : SurgonTeh : ShardaDist: NeelumMarried 
2855251SepMalik Riaz Kashif S/O Ghulam RasoolVill : LubgranP/O : LeepaTeh : Hattian BalaDist: MuzaffarabadMarried 
2853996SepMuhammad Akbar S/O Akhone Muhammad HassanVill : GambaP/O : GambaTeh : GambaDist: SkarduMarried 
2857145SepMuhammad Ali S/O YousafVill : KawarduP/O : KawarduTeh : SkarduDist: SkarduMarried 
2853267SepMuhammad Ali S/O Muhammad Kazim (Att from 9 NLI)Vill : Talu BroqP/O : DambodassTeh : RounduDist: SkarduMarried 
2862186SepMuhammad Amin S/O AliVill : KunaisP/O : GorosiTeh : KhapluDist: GhancheMarried 
2850132LnkMuhammad Arshad S/O Abdul AzizVill :ChenariP/O : ChenariTeh : HattianDistt : MuzaffarabadMarried 
2854217SepMuhammad Hussain S/O Sher Ali Vill & P/O : ThaghasTeh : MashabrumDist: GhancheMarried 
2862641SepMuhammad Hussain S/O Muhammad AliVill : StakchanP/O : KachuraTeh : Skardu Dist: SkarduUn Married
2854147SepMuhammad Iqbal S/O Muhammad HussainVill : KashmalP/O : ShigerTeh : ShigerDist: SkarduMarried
2862836SepMuhammad Ashaq S/O AhmadVill : KocharaP/O : GambaTeh : GambaDist: SkarduUn Married
2853121SepJameel Akhtar S/O Gul Akhtar KhanVill : Kiran NeelumTeh : AthmuqamDist: MuzaffarabadMarried
2856082SepMuhammad Javaid S/O Muhammad AslamVill : P/O : LaswaTeh : AthmuqamDist: Neleem OR Vill : GehalP/O : Gala KanatTeh : SudhnotiDist: SudhnotiUn Married
28555833SepMuhammad Javad S/O Muhammad MiskeenVill: Ali Koh P/O: DahniTeh & Distt: MuzaffarabadMarried 
 2853941SepMuhamamd Khan S/O Haji RustamVill: Harpopan P/O: Harpo BallaTeh: Roundu Distt: SkdMarried 
2856015SepMuhammad Nadeem S/O Ghulam Rabani Vill : Qasir Kot / Chakkar P/O : ChakkarTeh : HattianDist : MzdUn Married 
2860000SepMuhammad Sadiq S/O Muhammad Ali Vill : YaugmaP/O : GultriTeh : GultriDist: SkarduMarried
2856045SepMuhammad Sajid S/O Muhammad RafiqVill : BararkotP/O : BarakotTeh : MuzaffarabadDist: MuzaffarabadUn Married
2858176SepMuhammad Saleem S/O Syed UmarVill : HochyP/O : JuglotTeh : TangirDist: DiamerMarried
2855227SepMuhamamd Waseem S/O Muhammad SaddiqueVill : Chhabrian DattanP/O : Afzal PurTeh & Dist: MirpurUn Married
2855769SepMuhammad Zulqarnain S/O Liqat Ali Baig Vill : LalaP/O : AttahmuqamTeh : AttahmuqamDist: NeelumMarried 
2855219LnkNadeem Khan S/O Muhammad Ashraf Khan Vill : Bess-BanglaP/O :MalotTeh : DherkotDist BaghMarried 
2863074SepMuhammad Nadir Khan S/O Muhammad KhanVill & P/O : Dar Kot Teh : YasinDist: GhizerUn Married 
2859184SepNafas Ali Shah S/O Nadir KhanVill : PhandarP/O : PhandarTeh : GopisDist: GhizerUn Married
2862767 SepNajeeb Ullah Maherban S/O MaherbanVill : GangiP/O : TaloTeh :RoundoDist: SkdUn Married 
2862759SepNasir Hussain S/O Muhammad ShafiVill : Darkot P/O : YasinTeh : YasinDistt : GhizerUn Married
2859570 Sep Nisar Hussain S/O Muhammad IsmailVill: Kawardo P/O: Kowardo / GambaTeh & Dist SkdMarried
2855241SepRanzaib Alem S/O Soret Din (Att from 15 NLI)Vill : Gais PainP/O : Gonar FormTeh : ChilasDist: DiamerMarried
2862998SepQurban Ali S/O Muhammad YaqoobVill & P/O : Jalal AbadTeh & dist : GltUn Married 
2856392SepRashid Hussain S/O Muhammad Riaz Khan Vill : Pattan Sher KhanP/O : MongTeh : PlandriDist: Sudhnoti (AK)Married
2858701 Sep Rehmat Wali S/O Hassan Vill : YasinP/O : ThoiTeh : YasinDist: GhizerMarried
2855320 Sep Sakhi Zaman S/O Gul ZamansVill : JanwaiP/O : JanwaiTeh : ShahrdaDist: NeelamMarried
2862673 Sep Sana Ullah S/O Rehmat Gul Vill : Darot P/O : JaglotTeh : GilgitDist: GilgitUn Married
2859590 Sep Sarfraz Abdullah S/O Abdullah DarVill : DudhnyalP/O : DudhnyalTeh : AuthmaqamDist: NeelamMarried
2854989Sep Muhammad Shamim Khan S/O Muhammad Nazir Khan Vill: Kafful P/O : Hari GalTeh & Distt : Bagh (AK)Un Married
2860948 Sep Shamsher Khan S/O Tati KhanVill : DadoshoteP/O : DadoshaoteTeh : GopisDist: GhizerUn Married
2852500LnkSharafat Din S/O Muhammad NaeemVill : ThakP/O : Chillas Teh : DadoshoteDist: DiamerMarried
2861872Sep Siraj Ud Din S/O Shah Jahan Vill : ParshingP/O : KhangroolTeh : AstoreDist: AstoreUn Married
2859365SepSooba Khan S/O Muhammad Ayub Khan (Att from 2 NLI) Chak No 1 RakhPO: Dulewala Teh : Darya KhanDist: BhakkarMarried
2855692 SepSultan Mehmood S/O Haji Maqsood KhanVill : Narsher AliP/O : DhulliTeh : Bagh Dist: Bagh Un Married
2855864 Sep Syed Sajjad Kazmi S/O Syed Ghazi ShahVill : Safada BalaP/O : Safada BalaTeh : HattianDist: HattianMarried 
2854296Sep Zakir Hussain S/O MuhammadVill : ThalayP/O : ThalayTeh : DaghoniDist: GhancheMarried 
2860743Sep Zakir Hussain S/O AhmedVill : KawarduP/O : KawardurTeh : GhambaDist: SkarduUn Married 
2857206Sep/Clk Abdul Karim S/O Anayat KhanVill : ZaiporeP/O : Terishing Teh : AstoreDist: AstoreUn Married
2862424 Sep/Clk Ashraf Hussain S/O Abdul QadirVill : FranuP/O : Piun Teh : KhapluDist: GhancheUn Married 
2857794Sep/Clk Muhammad Riaz S/O Allah Dad KhanVill: Agzan KhelPO: KirriTeh : Pahar PurDist: D.I. KhanUn Married 
2862417Sep/Clk Muhammad Shoaib S/O Abdul RaheemVill : NaraP/O : NaraTeh : JandDist: AttockUn Married
2859477Sep Fida Hussain S/O MahdiVill : KharkooP/O : DaghniTeh : Khaplu Dist: GhancheMarried 
2849104 Sep/Ck Ghulam Mehdi S/O Muhammad HassanVill : Kiahong P/O: KarwarduTeh : SkarduDist: SkarduMarried 
2861162 Sep/Ck Muhammad Ali S/O Mirza PanahVill : TousP/O: TousTeh : YasinDist: GhizerUn Married
2861221Sep/Ck Mukhtar Ali S/O Khan BahadurVill : PhandarP/O: PhandarTeh : GopisDist: GhizerUn Married 
2861677Sep/Ck (M)Zaheer AliS/O IrshadVill: LandraPO: Dhadu ChakTeh: Shakar GarhDist: NarowalUn Married
2859796Sep /CkRaja Suraj Ud Din S/O Muhammad AfzalVill : SariP/O: ChakotiTeh : HattianDist: MuzaffarabadMarried 
13374Mess Waiter Abdul Jalil Butt S/O Ghulam Muhammad ButtVill: HalmatP/O: HalmatTeh : Sharda Dist: Neelum (AK)Married 
13376Masalchi (Cook)Abdul Hameed Mughal S/O Mir ZamanVill: Chadul Dhemal P/O: Bherui Teh & Dist Mzd (AK)Married 
2849602 Swpr Ali S/O HassanVill : HaspapaP/O: DambodasTeh : RounduDist: SkarduMarried 
2849622 Swpr Muhammad Shakeel S/O Azam LonVill : Darla PainP/O: Darla PainTeh : AstoreDist: AstoreMarried 
2862383Swpr Moon Gul S/O Ghulam MasihChak No 118P/O: Sangla Hill Teh : Sangla Hill Dist : Nankana SahibUn Married
2860424Swpr Naveed Masih S/O Rafiq Sharif BarkatVill : Qadir Colony Chak LaskariP/O: Naseera Teh : KhnDist: GujratUn Married 
NCB Ghulam Rasool Vill : HalmatP/O: NikroTeh : ShardaDist: Neelam
Attach Soldiers 
3349495 HavGul Daraz S/O Bashir Ali Khan(Att from 615 FS Sec)Vill Mera Khel, PO Shinawala, Gudai Khel, Teh :Takhate NusrateeDist : KarakMarried 
1738374Nk/ENGRMuddassar Iqbal S/O Muhammad IqbalVill : KhawaspurP/O Lala MusaTeh : KhnDist: GujratMarried 
4427842Nk/Cfn VM, EMEAftab Ahmed S/O Noor Muhammad Vill : MianiP/O: AatijaTeh: LarkanaDist: LarkanaMarried 
4412693Nk/Cfn VM, EMEAnsar Mehmood S/O Feroz KhanVill : SadwalP/O: SadwalTeh: ChakwalDist: ChakwalMarried 
4431830Cfn/Elec, EMEAdil Masih S/O Ameen Akhtar Vill & PO: Chak 84/NB Teh & Dist SargodhaUn Married
4433642Sep/Elec, EMEMuzammal Hussain S/O Muhammad AkramPandi Mana, Shakargrah, NarowalUn Married 
7369407Sep/NA, AMCMuhammad Zaman S/O Muhammad Aslam ArianVill & PO: Samro Road Teh : Umar KotDist: Umar KotMarried
3689412Lnk Sig Tech Ghulam Haider, S/O Haji Mahboob Ali (19 Sig Bn)Muhallah Gulsher, Kashmore, Kandkot, JaccobabadMarried
3698179 Sep /SigMehtab Alam S/O Ghulam Rasool(19 Sig Bn)Vill & P/O Ahmed DinTeh : Daur Dist: Nawab ShahMarried
3694566Sep/Sig/Man (Op)Jafar Hussain S/O Muhammad Siddiq (Att from 76 Sig Bn)Vill : Mahni PO: Hyderabad ThalTeh: MankeraDist: BhakkarMarried 
TlrShabbir HussainVill : NainwainP/O : JandiwliTeh : Kahror PakkaDist : Lodran
Barbar Nasrullah Vill : Laki Wal P/O : SaiwalTeh : Saiwal Dist : Sargodha
Barber Muhammad Amir Sargodha
Canteen ContractorWaheed Vill & P/O : PabbiTeh & Dist : Nowshera
Canteen Worker Muhammad Azeem Vill : GulaktoriP/O: TeroTeh : GupisDist: Ghazir
Dhobi Worker Noor Shah AliVill : Kucha Gol (Garm Chasma)P/O: ChitralTeh : ChitralDist: Chitral
SarfrazVill : Biskar BalaP/O: ChitralTeh : ChitralDist: Chitral
Wali Vill : GujalP/O: ChitralTeh : ChitralDist: Chitral
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