Four killed, Kashmala Tariq’s son nominated in police report


ISLAMABAD, FEB 2, 2021:  Azlan Tariq, son of Federal Ombudsperson for Protection against Harassment of Women at the Workplaces, was mentioned by the complainant as rash driver of the the vehicle which killed four people in a traffic accident in Islamabad late Monday night.

Four young men were killed after an over speeding white Lexus bearing registration number WX-077 broke the red signal at G-11 intersection on Kashmir Highway and hit a Suzuki car (APU-637) and a motorcycle RIL8970.

A CCTV footage also showed a rashly driven white Lexus hitting a Suzuki at high speed.

Videos made by citizens on the scene showed Federal Ombudsperson for Protection against Harassment of Women at the Workplaces, Kashmala Tariq, her husband Waqas Khan and son Azlan getting down from the vehicle WX-077 and escaping in official vehicle bearing registration number GAH-555.

Official vehicle used to get away from the scene of accident.

Initial police investigations revealed that safe city project identified vehicle WX-077 violating the red traffic signal. 

Police report clearly mentioning Lexus vehicle violating red traffic signal.

“Vehicle WX-077 is responsible for the accident,” mentions an initial police investigation report of the accident.

A police map of the incident shows the point of impact where the Lexus hit the Suzuki vehicle and stopped at a much farther distance from the point of accident.

Police Map of accident. WX-077 violated red traffic signal.

This shows that the vehicle was over speeding and it took time for the driver to bring it to a stop after the accident. 

The police map of the accident also mentioned that WX-077 Lexus violated the red traffic signal and caused the accident.

In a tweet, Prime Minister’s Special Assistant on Political Communications, Dr Shahbaz Gill, said husband and son of Kashmala Tariq tried to misuse her official position after the accident.