An Additional Disctrict Judge of Islamabad has issued a decree in favour of senior journalist Rauf Klasra against one Mubashir Zaidi and Asad Toor.

As per Rauf Klasras tweet, the court has declared both Zaidi and Toor as liars and fined them both one million each for spreading lies and fake rumors against Mr. Rauf Klasra.

Mubashir Zaidi & Asad Toor who were fined rupees one million each for peddling fake news

The twitter spat broke after Azaz Syed, a reporter of Geo News taunted Rauf Klasra on twitter asking if he has done any programs on the assets of Asim Bajwa.

This taunt however did not go unnoticed and Rauf Klasra was quick to respond

This did start an attack against Rauf Klasra and a twitter war began with a few journalists on one side while Rauf Klasra on the other, Mubashir Zaidi intervened, claiming Ahmed Noorani and Azaz Syed are the best investigative journalists in Pakistan to which Rauf Klasra shared the decree of court exposing the witnesses credibility as a proven liar

Others also jumped in, a twitter user shared a story by Ahmed Noorani which was proven to be fake

Rauf Klasra also shared another fake story done by Ahmed Noorani on Panama

Ahmed Noorani had tried to influence the court by giving the decision of JIT and Court a day before the decision was to be announced and later had to apologise to the readers.

Fake Story by Ahmed Noorani
Apology by Ahmed Noorani on Fake News

Senior Journalist Nasim Zehra also shared her own opinion on the tone and attack by some journalists on Rauf Klasra

Mubashir Zaidi and Asad Toor after this decree have joined the likes of Umer Cheema of The News who was also fined for fake reporting, the first of its kind case in Pakistan

Dr. Shahbaz Gill, Prime Ministers Special Assistant decided to favour with Rauf Klasra and his credibility despite the latters severe criticism on government and the role of special assistants.